Raised in Tokyo, bilingual with her multicultural family, Kiko had an interest in music from a young age. At 15, she won a national international school talent contest for her performance of "Summer Time" and she started hosting a national radio show the following year. At 17, she was selected to be the lead cast for a kids musical show on NHK called "Eigo De Asobo." From 2012-2017, she gained popularity among families and began to also perform live shows and events. 

In 2016, she released her first album, a pop album for children, called Kodomo Lounge Eigo and toured Japan. She since has released a second album as well as a Christmas album.

She continues to perform for children as well as appear regularly on a game show T.V. program (Nepleague, Fuji TV) and is starting her own music endeavors starting 2019. 

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